Everyone, regardless of any situations and backgrounds, have wondered more than once about what our purpose in life is, where our fate will lead us to, and what our commitment and effort will bring us to. Coming to these questions means that we have considered our course of action, whether it is right or wrong, whether this is the right time. Understanding your concerns, APPLIED HOROSCOPE Community was establised with the aim to share happiness and help everyone seek a practical journey to a fulfilled life.

For an individual, the role of Applied Horoscope are:

  1. Helping you get some sense about your future in regard to your career, financial aspect, love and fortune.
  2. Career orientation according to personal interests and preference
  3. Basically, a horoscope can tell you about your true self, your future and fortune, knowing what you should do and what you should avoid, etc., provided that a horoscope is generated based on the right date and time of birth.

What is Applied Horoscope Coaching (EST APPLIED HOROSCOPE Coaching) ?

  • As a coach, we are like your drivers, and you are our clients. You tell us your destination (the targets you want to achieve) and we will accompany you to your final destination. We have a strong faith that everyone can find an answer from their inner selves to the problem they are facing with.

Based on the above principle, the role of Applied Horoscope Coaching are: EST APPLIED HOROSCOPE Coaching đó là:

  • Helping you to face your inner self to discover, clarify and determine what you want to achieve in life.
  • Encouraging you to discover, find out, and develop your self awareness through elicited and open-ended questions.
  • Creating a safe and open environment where you can share your thoughts and emotions.
  • Helping you to plan your course of action to achieve your targets.
  • Providing truthful feedbacks from what we can observe from you. We tell you what others may not dare to tell you with a purpose of helping you to improve.
  • Accompanying you while your actualise your goal. You are not alone in your journey.

Within the scope of business, the role of Applied Horoscope aims at trend, fortune and human resources:

  1. In regard to human resources, Applied Horoscope advises and connects people within your business. We help you to explore the skills of your staff, choose the right talent for each position to maximize their abilities and achieve the best efficiency.
  2. Advising on the right point of time for investments, what to invest for maximum profits, or when to withdraw from an investment to secure the capital and fund.