As mentioned above, the applied horoscope community was born with the purpose of serving, sharing, connecting and building more practical values for a more fulfilling life. Therefore, based on this criterion, to ensure the effectiveness and transparency of consulting and interaction activities as well, we agree to provide the terms and agreements between us and the individuals, organizations and enterprises involved in the use of our consulting and guiding services as follows:


1. Individuals are accountable for providing accurate and clear information of the time, day, year of birth and gender by solar or lunar calendar.

Or to find the right card as your request, please let us know in advance how accurate the information is. The questions will be asked to check the information relating to the card. If there is a next step, that will be to discuss first before entering the consultation.

The goal is to make a correct horoscope and interpret it based on personal information provided.

2. The consultation will be discussed regarding personal topics, within the categories allowed in society, excluding sensitive and political issues, superstition, or going against Vietnamese traditional customs and code of ethics.

3. Do not interpret challenging or disputed issues involving to the third parties. Make sure this is a constructive and positive exchange for both individuals and society.

4. No predicting or discussing gender issues such as which gender the unborn child is, choosing gender or date and time of birth, or issues related to individual gender should be included during the consultation.

5. Do not interpret according to superstitious customs, worship or other illusory topics.

6. The results are personally used as one of the sources for your reference choices. The role of a consultant will end at the end of the consultation.


1. Keep the individual terms and conditions intact.

2. The scope of the consultation will only take place between the consultant and the representative present at the consultation of the organizations or enterprises. Other individual, third person, or other groups, not present at the consultation are totally excluded.

3. The content of the consultation is valid only in the consultation, any consulting content in handwritten or typed documents or record are not officially accepted.

4. The outcome of the consultation could be used for reference in addition to the official sources of other organizations. Avoid querying or retesting consultations that already belong to the past.

5. The content of organizational and business questions must be unanomously decided before giving.

6. Discussion and interaction between consultants and organizations happen within the permitted scope of Vietnamese administration and social conventions. Unrelated or referring to any third party not present at the consultation have nothing to do with this. Do not give advice against competitor of the business and prevent actions that may insult other Vietnamese traditional customs.

7. Our commitment is to ensure the absolutel confidentiality and to not disclose information of businesses that have used our services.

By agreeing to use our services, this means all terms are accepted and clearly understood by users. We are not responsible if a lawsuit arises with all content related to the above terms and conditions.